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"Desert Storm are one trip you'll want to get on board with." - KERRANG! MAGAZINE

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Journeys EndWalk with your spirit animalNurturing, giving blessingWise and whole, pure in soulToo truth hold fireRooting, sure footingSwitch to life, spring to lightIn death ascendWith your astral guideRelease and let goFeel the flushes flowGasp at the decibel swellTouched by grace on highThe magnitude of creationCosmos wide to colossal insightThis life is finite but we are eternalGoing to find my way homeSpirits liftCatch my driftSay farewell forOne last tripFlaming aves blaze Trails across the skyWinged sentinels above on high Alight the sky with fireTowering spires of gold and white A royal processionRegal reams of clouds streamWelcoming us homeJourney side by sideJoin the unified
Too Far GoneWide eyed midnight terrors and traumaSo numb, sombre, become soberWaking, gasping, reaching for somethingBracing the waves over and overI am the liquorDownward projecting, depressive and deepHair of the beast that bitesMood it sinks to the pit of my stomachTaste the elixir, restore and respiteNever ending cycle of sicknessSelf inflicted, alone to blameContinuing always and foreverEvery day the taste remainsToo far gone for someTo have one and becomeHollow and shallowThe shadow that followsLeaving here fast, running from allChase to the bottom of the bottleLosing in last, drowning I fallChase to the bottom of the bottleLast call, final curtains and coffinSweet dose, shakes close, way out for certainDrive the nectar through spinning sensationsCritical order, no longer hurting
The BrawlBastard bar room hench men brawlingShards of pool cue cross the barFists and flagons spill and swaggerGrizzled beard, stitch and scarI defy you with clenched fistsGet up and taste gritI deny you with clenched fistsGet up and taste thisBloody fucking knuckle boxingBarking chainlink in the yardFrothy tankard puddles formingToothless grin stained by tar
Kingdom of HornsIntricate spectral shards revealingDelicate reflections on the cavern ceilingDomed crag up high, black and glistenAn unnerving silence to stop and listenSoft and serene, an astonishing sheenA surface deception of the deep marineRipples to waves cross the pool from afarOf the huge subterranean reservoirBreaching the still surface of the vast lagoonCleft tongue extended, a deafening croak boomsMajestic, thick skinned and drippingBroad bulbous jowl sack, vibrating and ripplingA last bastion in all the seasThis basin a space to spawn a speciesSpawning in swarms of organismsColossal beasts formed from ancient amphibiansSave for the occasional breamSeemingly lifeless the surface might seemBut lurking out in the murky deepHibernating and dormant in stasis like sleepTerritorial in nature these creatures areA scene so serene is quite bizarre   But nearing the water is ill advisedElse aquatic shadows shall begin to riseMouth gaping wide with head held highFearless in form with cold gazing eyesOn hind legs, proud and strongMotionless in that moment, a drone drawn out longAll are alert as an unknown entity enters the realmLooming silhouettes of humanoid swamp beingsIn force to claim this space as their own feeding groundAnd so a clash erupts of tendons and flesh, gills and scales 
GearheadDawn breaking sunrise, bright lights blindingCling to the mast over rough terrainTake no prisoners, turn up the volumeAudio bandits with tracks on the brainBlasting brazen beats and casting basslines broadlyRaucous gang of raiders perform for guts and gloryArmed with strings and skins to seek to save somebodyWaking a wild man from a world conformist and orderlyStand to attention, we give no quarterRing out the sound and rum soaked attireSaturate fury, feel the sustainRumble beneath as the bass canons fireStretch out the veinInhale butaneTanked to hell highRubber or die
DrifterLawbreaking, risk taking  Sentenced the death penaltyFor liberating the struggleA cause worthy of felonyRough and raw outlaw Deadly in close quartersThis bail jumping fugitiveBurned bridges crossing bordersAstral plane drifter duster Soaked in high noon sunDog tired, oh so road worn Out and on the runA lawless executionSwitching state, pitching campThis no good son of a bitchThumbing vinyl trampAbandon in motion motiveNever settle and roll wanderForever on to pastures anewFool's errand in the wide yonderA renegade of the soundWith little to lose on the waxHe travels through the tone andPitchhikes across the tracks
The ExtrovertNo negativity paranoid passivenessThese things are poison for body and mindGo and walk out amongst our speciesShare in experience here with our kindYa folks say not to speak to strangersThat would not be necessarily trueSome things I've found are worth unlearningOpen up, get real, and let them see youWe are the people with one common languageTogether as one, universally boundA likeness as humans to build and relateForm us a friendship upon common ground
ConvulsionSanctioned thought devoidStaggered mind strobeEternally retiredAnd alone in the vacant lobeThe patient convulseNightmare flashbackChemical shellshockMental RansackBent and broken I'm a hurtingAs I stare, my head's not hereFree from thought I cannot seeMind resets as I forgetInto perfect clarityReaching out but feeling trappedSkipping frames so bridging gapsAbout to break I shudder and shakeBright white lights, here comes a lapseBound to a passive existenceThis day has got me twitchingInput impulse stress and strainLapsing muscles in my notionStop these synapses in my brainThese panicked sensations Mind and motion out of synchSlowly losing consciousnessAnd edging closer to the brink
CapsizedLost to thoughts infinite Intense and analyseScribbled scrawls in silenceBuried and capsizedAlong the way he fell intoThis trance like state, subduedResiding in reclusion A space of solitudeBuried demons haunt himAlone to demonstrateThought and quiet reflectionContent to contemplateHurt and weighing heavyOn his mental healthAlone at home a hermitIs finding himselfWhere the hermit dirt restsFear of the experience Had held him back too longRealising thisBrought courage to go onThrough the musk and dampA fold unfurlsThrowing off the shacklesTo face the worldBreak away from isolationWasted life in isolationHis body a feast for the wolves
I feel it rain downRain down on meConstantly forced to breakA meagre wage, a token feeGrafting all the timeRoutine is on my mindChains they bind slaves to the grindDriven by thought policeStresses on our sleeping stateSelling our humanityNine to five just to surviveNow they get your dreams for free

OutlanderTighten the nuts on this rigShe must be ready to cross the wastelandHigh gauge, full throttle and steam aheadHer heavy tyre tread carves up the sandOutlanderHands on deck and fists to the skyPatches of raw hide to mask are sewnWith iron, twine, leather and mightWounds of war across the ships bowThe grooves a hook, line and sinkerConformist and orderly
Queen ReeferHear me now with mind unsoundA body so rotten decays in the groundBrimstone rocks and rolls of parchmentIncantation, black magic wandTrinkets and tools of ritual travelTake us to the ether beyondOpen awaken the dead to comeCandle wax drips to the beat of the drumDull pain, doll pain, full pins and needlesChoking on hair whilst coughing up fliesNeedless irritants, itches and fidgetsWho would do voodoo to rise?Knelt before the altar she comesStepping with the grace of a fawnShe blesses in bareness at easeNever have I felt so aliveSummoning Queen Reefer
HorizonUpon that hallowed ground the creature lashed with mightThe mortal crowd withstood its blow 'twas but a minor plightFor in few fleeting moments the men could mount a strikeThe siege it lasted hours on end from dusk it fell to nightHeat raged, head strong, favour happened upon the foolish freeStill by moon a battle fought between the beast and bandSilhouettes of snowy peaks as lightning lit the landA fortune opportunity its beady eye was blindThe final fatal furious attack was for mankindAnd so the ship was launched, forced against the tideHeavy currents carried the men in the path of a seagull guideOut to the ocean deep where foam began to brewThe sky started to darken and strong waves swept the crewAs they clutched for life, the sea storm passing onWilling it to subside and glance at the horizonA distant mass of earth amongst the endless blueIt steadily grew closer with prospect of trials anew
Sway of the TidesSway of the tides into the shore in sight of the foreign landInbound, grounded and locked washed the troupe onto the sandBalmy breeze of an ocean mist brought peace and cooled the crewLight rain fell upon the men and before long soaked them throughSo they leapt from the boat for shelter they did seekGulls fallAcross the beaches of this isle they marched to find respiteClimate conditions becoming severe in time it would be nightUnder a tropical canopy where earth covered the floorThrough bush and undergrowth the men began to exploreAs day drew to a close they happened upon a caveMoisture ran around, the cave walls were weepingSteps slowed in wonder for what the men were seekingSadness in the rock and soil, mist in the stagnant airLagoon ahead, some moss for a bed, history in this lairDiscovery was their aim, a sense of purpose regainedCavernous crystals glistened as light began to waneVolcanic rock broke to a vast expanse belowFurther, deeper, darker, downward, the craggy ridge would showThat's when it rose up from the depths belowWings spread out wide, the serpent spiralledMajestic beast through beams of lightIt flew with grace and mightThat's when it fell down to the place they stoodWings spread out wide, the serpent saw them
HomeLiving in hope you hear this plea, this distant pleaWaiting for you to come to me, come home to meComfort in this placeThis is where we laidThoughts of your embraceIt is here I stayWithout affectionAs desires burnYou left me alonePromise of returnWhen we said farewellDidn't know you'd takePart of me awayLeaving this heartacheIt is here I stay
House of SalvationBearing open arms and a bed to laySaviours shielding us from harm's wayTaken by the palm on the path and ledReaching out to the light aheadTo take me home to freedomAs we meet folk alongOur journey widens with this songWarmth on my brother 'cos he kind and he patientAnd all are welcome here at the house of salvationSpeakin' in rhythm, time and codeBrave the route of the underground railroadI ain't looking for trouble, no way, no sirAs that resting place draws every closerTo take me home to freedom
Night Bus BluesHead's a mess on the old tequilaResisting the urge to roamSwaying at the station alone in the coldMissing it'll be a long walk home (trust me)God damn it. I fucking hate it.There goes my only ride homeGuess I'll be walking through the morningMissing the night bus bluesThe night is long, the wait moresoWith my back to the bus bayI open my eyes just to check the timeIn time to see it pulling awayThis venture requires liquorMaybe them beers that are tallGet some smoke for the roadThis might not be so bad at allGet to walking
BandwagonLadies and Gentlemen please order, orderCome closer and listen we've been to the borderOut there are folks who adhere and agreeTo unite in this passion and lifestyle is keyFear mongering in the media keeps us all in checkWe realise and rise above 'cos we've got self respectCorruption in the press, you see, is how they feed you liesWe are the people with one common language, music unifiesThere is an awakening happening nowFor comprehension our minds do allowIt is so obvious from the stage seeingThese acutely aware and enlightened beingsCome down, play around on the bandwagon
Blue Snake MoanMy mind is spinning I feel all mixedAnd through her form I'm transfixedFascination in the way she movesInfatuation holds, my soul it soothesOh I know I've wronged, I ain't no saint my friendPreaching of all these things; loose times, liquor and womenLife is a feast of fools and I've found, fake folk got nothing on youBorn to play and screw around 'cos belief is what we doLost in a moment I could dance foreverA place so crowded, we stay togetherWe hide, me oh my, sometimes she's so shyLight her up together we trip to the sky
Collapse of the Bison LungInhale the brownChest expands, eyebrows frownCoughing calves cry and splutterBut you hold the smoke downWe engulf the horizonSwallow the world wide, sonBreathe life to enlivenWith the lungs of a bisonOn setting lights from a bottomless tokeNumbed by that rush, it's like I'm fainting tooShooting stars like kaleidoscope eyesThe cold white flush chills right through

Horizontal Life
Word to the Wise ManSo many tales I've been told Through jack soaked whiskers grey and oldYears of madness these eyes glazedBar stool propped is how we're raisedOpen plain this land is blessedA mounted steed rides further westLand so vast as the buffalo PassA pace ahead of all the restlesson in life as wisdom is taughtEnjoying this with a head so freeTo fight and strive and never be boughtInto a herd of conformity
Shadow of an eagleThe mayor was out running his mouthSo I shot himOur bombs are the beat and our beats hit the sandAnd the sands from the earth span the skyOur wings clap a wind which carries a stormForming dunes on the moon on a solar highMy shotgun barrel smokes and my pickup burnsTracks along the concrete desert dividerLife in the lane of a bat countryWhere a breeze is my flow and the sun is my guiderAn eighteen wheeled companion joins my crusadeArmed with rollup, bourbon and beardTogether we scale this scorched earth around usThis outback home where I was born and rearedA calming moment of oasis peacePlants the perfect scope in my sightAs the great sphere moves in the galaxyIt drains the world of its lightMy brother as he tips his cap to meI know he will change his courseDarkness creeps with a riders forceAnd I roll thick into the night
Astral PlanesI'm enslaved in the wake of a dreamCaught between the two worldsSearching for somewhere to lay my feetLoathsome, brilliant, physical, spiritualCan't you seeThere's so much more to usWhy can't weExpand our consciousnessMy mind can't breatheYour slogan suffocates itDirty little izzard made mind pollutantsI'll project my body away from this placeFrom my solar plexus I can reach any spaceThe limitations of reality make life so dullLoathsome, brilliant physical, spiritualI left my body the other dayCame back a while later and sat where I laySpent some time with my guide on the astral planesForgotten my hatred, my worries and painsWell I suppose in the end I made a decisionTo make my way back to this reality prisonHow I wish I could live some other wayI left my body the other day
No Slave To MasterSquatting in the warehouseA government projectNarcotic UnitThe agent getting wreckedFeeding our plants for the daily harvestOur participation in the chemical testLawless loopholes, suits take care of yaCamping in the bushes of a black Ops areaTapedeck is playing those tunes so sleazyCamping in the crops, confidential its easyThey learn to grow but we grow fasterAhead of the game I'm no slave to masterTapedeck is playing those tunes so sleazyCamping in the crops, confidential its easyWe work like a well oiled harvesterAhead of the game I'm no Slave to masterNo Slave to masterNo Slave
Mr StrongbatchI said hey there Mr StrongbatchThat's quite a head on youIt seems you've seen so muchTeach me. Please Teach meSo we see the world afreshNo longer overlooking - everything is newSo we see everything as onePersonality of allTeach me of rituals, groups and travelCrossing over, where Don Juan wentThe history of time and all that isMeditation and enlightenment
Enslaved in the Icy TundraAwoken from a distant slumberSkies they blacken, sleet and thunderEnslaved in the Icy TundraAcross the Baron Landscape with wolf pelt scalp to toeYoung travellers did march on through harsh and heavy snowAvalanches rained down on the mountain ridge aroundThe ice began to sheer and crack across the frozen groundAs Water Surged within the tomb beneath the iceThe beast's frame did unfurl and its shadow began to riseA crack across the surface as limbs leapt to the skyThe kraken drew a frightful moan, men met its beady eye
Lunar DomesLaunch in to the atmosphere from the crater baseEvolving as the fuel burns exploring inner spaceTen ton craft, two tone homechrome and black lunar domeSoaring high, galactic spectaclesKings of the sky, extra-terrestrialsShooting stars align and collideBig bang of pressure easing the tensionShattering across the infinite canvasBeaming through wormholes to other dimensions
TitanWeakness can drive the mindThreats, worries, panic and fearsAs a simulated world hecklesMuscles are clenched to catch the tearsChemicals pain and distance sootheRepressed struggle and deep dismayIn time you find the sobering thoughtTomorrow is another dayLonging to feel so whole againAssemble personality bit by bitStrive to succeed not simply surviveFlowing through the sound it keeps me aliveI prescribe a dose of releaseAtop the pistes of blues rockHeads begin to soarAs the skies gape and in dooms wakeThe titan begins to roarThe clouds part to rip the heavens cleanand the titan begins to roarEnergy flows out through my soulIt returns you're not aloneRevelations through the silent massResonations brought homeOpen your mind
Shen ZenSpraying waste from a tower of filthFoul seed rapes the landFungal marshlands spreading mouldRot emerges from the algaeInfecting. DisgustingIt watches from above - chaotic growth from messAdmiring its warped creation, the beauty in sicknessThe dark plague lurks driven by doomA revolting force With shadows of menDedication to production
GaiaOne O moon maternalHarmony with the sunBetween the two as they danceThe earth mother does comeAn ethereal force of natureProviding life for allBranches tumble root and bindBonding this world whole
HofmannThe rolling gust of the north windSends itself through the reedsBringing with it a platoon of flaming locustsThe bug-eyed marine points his finger at meAnd the wretched winds of the westBring countless cawing crowsEach of them wont let their spirit growThe glass-eyed general wraps his beak on my skullSo I cleanse myself of these pressuresThe arms of the sun embrace meI take my rhythm to the waterAnd soak amidst the waves of melodyThe engulfing gust of the eastScatter skinhead beetles armed to the teethTheir syncopated clacks pierce the airTheir linear vision is clouded by despairI meet the lone wolf from the southWho travels of his own accordHe explores with his third eye openAnd values the mind over the sword
ScorpionThrough the beacon I see terror before meDilated pupils of man, woman and childThe trees as they split and they smoke and they weepCharred corpses rain from the skyRoaches feed on my frayed nervesIn an attempt to numb the painMy lungs are encased in a locked ribcageAnd a cold sweat creeps down my spineRoaches feed on my frayed nervesIn an attempt to numb the painAnd a mantis, a mantis, a mantis prays for meA black embryo hidden in the passage of timeA wash of stormclouds shadow mankindDarkness engulfs mankindTo give birth to scorpionOn foreign beds of strawSweet incense clouds my painThe onyx beating heart is a metronomeAnd my being keeps me sane
Forked Tongues
Cosmic DripsThe rhythm, the time, the weaveOh this my luckTrue moments that make me believeFor fuck's sake skin tight leather lipsSmokey oh shady cosmic dripsPetals woven through strands of hairSunlit flesh, so fresh, so fairTogether, entwinedWe share, we love one mindSo fall for thisTo make for eternal blissShe moans, she shakesWe feel the body rock ohThis be so real, so takeBad bones that rattleSnakeskin tight leather lipsSmokey oh shady cosmic dripsPetals woven through strands of hairSunlit flesh, so fresh, so fair
Ol' TownDusty ol' town blues are metBy the crush of a metal tune you seeThe local boys gather round to listenAnd are bound by the groove of unityBloodshot hounddog - so free, so laidThe babble of the brook adds percussive vibesTo the heavy tunes that we playThe tunes that we play!As twilight falls over dusty mountainsThe mood tastes sweet from where we're satRising flies through weary eyesShaded by the brim of an old straw hatCountry way laid my hometown darlingGrassroots hold me tightNever mind all your corporate troublesKeep my head down the stix at nightSitting on by the riverI wanna be, I wanna beSomewhere near the sea my friend
South We RollI gotta moveGotta remove your mistakingI gotta pryI gotta pry it wideYou never sawYou never saw us comingWe'll fuck you upFrom the insideYou said that kid's never gunna lastFuck your poor judgementPassion drove usTowards the musicMany man followedBy our sideAs the cattle grazeUnder a smokey hazeJump on the wagonFor our rideListen to the talesOf our dirt track businessThe break through comesWhen you gotta chooseBe placid - sat withWhat you're givenOr live your lifeWhile playing the blues
Smokes 'n' LiquorAs bodies are hurled and spunHair and hips flung as oneTimed to the beat of music's callAll the heads at the whiskey ballBacks to the wall to feel the bassLiquor runs deep in this frantic spaceIce just to soothe the sightAs we live antics of the nightRolling beats, lines and licksAmplifiers and drum sticksBring the folks We'll bring the noiseDon't forget the smokes and LiquorDon't forget the smokes and LiquorCut looseCan't see straightJump up move your feetTo the highlight of the week
The JackalYou've never seen how jackal's dance in the nightCome one. come all. come find your faithLeave blind belief and find insightCome one. come all. come find your faithUnderstand this truth no man can denyCome one. come all. come find your faithAs we confide in moves of the mindCome one. come all. come find your faithMisinformation from the model workshopWooden joints all worn and scuffedEmotionally broken faceless puppet Do you believe you can ever be loved?In a world of magic and trickery Truth fabrication as threads are twirledA slight of hand masks who you truly arePull yourself through and be heard by the worldThink for yourself in the course of lifeNotice when the whip is crackedWith open mind and inquisitive natureFind you have control when you choose to reactLimbs flail Casting shadowsInsanity is liberationAwake to this conscious expansionUnderstand what we can beCurtains up its show timeThe silent figure spreads its wingsAs lights are cast and feathers tumbleAcrobatics along guitar strings
Forked TonguesShemhemforeshWith my horns I penetrate empty liarsYour holy messiahThe preacher started yellingSo I slapped his face rawAnd when he turned the other cheek to meI broke his fucking jawThe drums spoke in forked tonguesI drained the sacred riversAnd turned wine into bloodNo ark can save you nowYou prayed for majestyNow bleed from your crown
The VoidAnd so I hide as these events coincideI try, but I do not find that insightThrough the void I can feel homeIn a place I'll never belongLocked in a passive existenceLife passes me byI wilt as you blossomI rot as you root
ConnectedDon't confine your thoughtsLet them wander freeAs we seem to travel further apartCast some thoughts to meAnd I shall return one day my friendThese thoughts which you have sentI shall think how we've come so farAnd the path in which we wentThink of all that we've accomplishedImagine what we can doAs this world will stand and stop and listenClose its eyes to words so trueSo as for now I think to findThis journey sprawls further onLet me take you with me my friendOn my course throughout this song
PocketwatchSo they call me the travellerBeen on the rails since way back whenI leave my mark at every stationMapping the places that I've beenWith but an oak switchblade,A toothpickTwo bit sunglasses and my spindlestickNo direction, got no plans at allCos those of us who live have just gotta goAs steam rolls its way down the valleyThe sun beats down on my faceFrom my home a boxcar carriageLife needn't be any faster a paceA man of means by no meansSo they sayI live my life on a day-to-dayNo direction, got no plans at allCos those of us who live have just gotta go